I’m”Kobonero(こぼねろ)”.Nice to meet you.

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Hi,I'm"Kobonero(こぼねろ)" who is high school sophomore.

Nice to meet you!

I'm"Kobonero" who live in japan, Hokkaido.


I'll write article things of around me etc. from a viwepoint of high school student.

Now, I am trying that

  • studying
  • programming
  • DIY
  • cooking

There are a lot of things I want to try other than there.


Why now, reason of I started blogging.

Recently, I think that can I keep my hobbies and other things in myself these days?

this thinking had been storong, and

I started to write blog,because I thought that I want to sent things of I doing to all over the world.

And, I think that I may be able to meet and mingle with peoples around the world.


In addition, I think that I want to look back on the past.

In 2019,I could to continue writing a diary throughout the year.

When I looked back this diary, I could see own growth from a year ago.

So I started this blog.

I am a test taker this year.

I do not like that to set a limit to anything jast because I am a test taker.

In addition, I do not have confidence I can limit things of I like.

And I am a person who act immediately if I think.

I started it because I think that I want to start and write it.

Of course,I will compatible study and blogging!


My dream of writeing a blog.

I will sent event of around me etc. from viewpoint of high school student in this blog

And,I do mu best because I want to became

  • Can understand HTML・CSS
  • Fast typing speed
  • Up my wirting ability in English and Japan
  • Can monetization
  • Get more friends
  • etc.







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はじめまして”こぼねろ”です - むかしのこぼねろ
はじめまして”こぼねろ”です。 高校2年生男子がブログ始めました。